Guided Tours

Guided Tours

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The Soria City Council, through its service of Guided Tours, offers two options to explore the city, two rides accompanied by professionals who knows the past and present of the place.

Route 1: City Center

The first, the "Route through the city center" offers a tour of the major monuments in the heart of the capital. A panoramic walk from the international Romanesque church of Santo Domingo the more sober and Castilian of San Juan de Rabanera, through the Renaissance palaces Street Aduana Vieja and the Counts of Gómara. And as a luxury companion, the memory of places associated with the poet Antonio Machado.

Route 2: Rute by the Duero

The second option, "The Rute by the Duero", offers a walk through time, monumental and sentimental. A dip in the Middle Ages of the fabulous cloister of San Juan de Duero or the remains of San Polo, and the heart of the mysticism of Soria, the cave and hermitage of San Saturio.

These are our suggestions ... Come and learn and will accompany you

Picture of Arcos de San Juan de Duero, in the route ``River Duero``

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Route 1 "Center of the City""
Route 2 "River Duero"
Route "For the Soria of Machado"
Route "For the Romanesque Soria"