The black truffle from Soria

 The black truffle from Soria


Soria black truffle (Tuber melanosporum), also called winter truffle, is the species that breeds in the province of Soria and is considered one of the best truffles in the world, a real underground gem.

It is black on the outside, round and is covered by a kind of warts that acquire a pyramid shape. Inside, fine white lines run through it as if it were veins. Is its degree of maturation, along with the intensity of its aroma, gives quality to this kind of truffle which is harvested from December to March.

This fungus grows and develops deep underground linked to the oaks that represent a large part of the forest area of ​​the province. The quality of the plant is crucial to the success of the operation but there are also various determinant factors such as soil type, its preparation, cultivation techniques, not to forget, obviously, a correct maintenance work.

Besides all this, you need to ensure that the land intended for planting has enough water underground for truffles to have its optimal development and otherwise provide the professional field irrigation system.

The particular characteristics of our climate – the temperature fluctuations between day and night-, quality, and composition of the soil and altitude, Soria has a particularly favorable ground for truffles, making our province in one of the areas of Spain which has more cultivated hectares, between 1400 and 1800, considering it has about 114,000 hectares of forest suitable for the production of the precious fungus.


The Search of truffle is often called by the “truffle hunt”. The truffle dogs are the most appropriate tool, the more convenient, and the only legally permitted.

When the dog, normally trained, finds a truffle, he stops, he sniffs the ground, scratching a little with his forelegs and waits, wagging his tail, to master approach, requesting the reward that it applies. It is the truffle, who with a machete as stout knife, carefully, feeling by touch through the machete where the fungus is ends up unearthing truffles,  he lets the animal smell and rewards him properly.

Today, the Truffle in the province assumes a promising development project, present and future for rural areas. Therefore, around the black truffle from Soria there are a series of events to promote this wonderful delicacy and is in the process of completing the winning with the Italian Piedmont to jointly promote the black truffle Soria and white Alba.

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