Gerardo Diego

Gerardo Diego

Gerardo Diego (Santander, 1896 - Madrid, 1987) is a great poet of the Generation of 27, was Professor of Literature in Soria (1920-1921) and became active in cultural and social life city. In his poems many places of the geography soriana walking and collected in first in "Soria, gallery of prints and effusions" (1923), which was expanded in "Soria" (1948) which they include "New Notebook Soria" (1923-1924), "provincial capital" (1929-1947 "," Cancionerillo Salduero "(1941-1943)," Soria Land "(1929-1947) and" The Intruder "(1946), a total of 58 poems. But the full sorianista finally found work in "Soria succeeded" published in 1977. To this we must add "Soria successor" (1981).

Santo Domingo


“Tú, vida siempre y nunca arqueología.

Eres color y música en relieve.

Eres panal de sol y miel que embebe,

Seco, el nuevo sangrar de cada día”


“Velad”- Soria sucedida (1969-1974)