Fields of Castille Train

Fields of Castille Train


There is no better guide to know the soul of a land, a landscape and its people than the look of a poet. Traveling by train to the lands "where the Duero tracks his crossbow curve around Soria" is to start that road in the company of an extraordinary personage: Antonio Machado.

The train "Campos de Castilla" leaves Madrid remembering the landscapes that in its day, more than 100 years ago, the poet traversed and reflected in his verses. This literary trip can be performed some weekends from May to mid-November. In addition to the beautiful landscape of plateau that is contemplated through the windows of the train, when arriving at Sigüenza, the passengers move to the time of Antonio Machado thanks to the theatrical representation that takes place in the same wagons.

Through the city the visits in the Machadian stages follow one another: The Baroque hermitage of San Saturio, which rises above an ancient Visigothic hermit grotto, and the classroom where the classes were given in the institute to which the poet today gives his name are two of the stops Inescapable

Through the province the excursion to Fuentes del Duero and Laguna Negra to know the landscapes that inspired the poet to write The legend of Alvargonzález and the visit to the ancient city of Numancia are other proposals every weekend in the Campos train Of Castile.

The weekend tour package includes:

Round trip Madrid-Soria-Madrid regular train
Tasting of typical products from Soria.
Theatrical admiration on the Sigüenza-Soria route.
Transfer by bus and guided visit to the hermitage of San Saturio and San Juan de Duero.
Transfer by bus to the hotel. Guided visit to the historical center of Soria, Aula Machado, including cultural activity.
Entrance to the House of the Poets Museum for free visit.
Guided visit to the Black Lagoon, natural monument and stage of "The land of Alvargonzález".
Guided visit to the archaeological site of Numancia.
1 night accommodation in establishments of 2 or 4 stars, based on double rooms, with breakfast included.
Individual supplement consult.

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