A welcoming and surprising Soria with a wide variety of landscapes, culture,gastronomy, sports and agenda is waiting for you. Now, the final decision is only yours. You must choose, link different choices and roll the dice: where you want to go, when, in which direction, with whom, what you want to do, how you want to relax, enjoy, live, feel , breath... Our suggestion is to #chooseSoria and after this first step start selecting the different alternatives that turn this destination into a tailor made trip for you, your friends, your partner or your family. Soria is not a destination with a single face, it has as many versions as you may dream or plan.

That's why, our city is alive and gets adapted. Whether your are looking for rest and peace, or you want activities and sport, or you prefer culture and art, heritage or  environment, whether you want to study or you decide to go for the gastronomy and pleasures of the senses... #chooseSoria

#ChooseSoria and let your imagination run free to design your weekends, getaways and holidays. #ChooseSoria because we have an activities' agenda that every month will give you the option to complement your destination. Check an agenda that will approach you and inspire you through the most ephemeral spirits by Becquer or the most mundane festivities for the Summer solstice, passing through the classical music of Autumn, or the afro-american music of the Enclave Festival. You will have street theatre, expoetry, markets, a film festival, amateur and first class sport, historical recreations, mycological days, and, of course, literature with the universal signature of Machado and feeling with the unbending Numancia in the horizon.

Surf in our website and decide. We will be waiting for you where the Duero bends its crossbow arc round Soria. We are getting closer and closer. #ChooseSoria