Soria is a city of sport, vibrates with sport, the practice it, enjoys it, value it and has managed to become a spectacular destination, both for those who choose to be spectators and for those who prefer a more popular activity and according to their status form and, of course, for those who reach the highest level and looking for a place to compete, train and find the best sports facilities and the best natural setting with a privileged terrain, surrounded by greenery, señalizas routes and Douro river invites active tourism peering into the city.



Soria has become the capital of Spain with the highest per capita investment in sport and this commitment it shows. Soria houses each year in a timely events and hosts top level, thanks to its own clubs and athletes, who rub shoulders with the best and militate in demanding leagues, dozens of games and competitions every year. Football Second Division, volleyball Super League Athletics Division of Honor, international events such as the European Duathlon 2017, the International Cross, Half Marathon ... are examples of what can be a sport lover every weekend to visit the city.

But if what you want is to practice a discipline during the stay in the city, those who choose Soria can enjoy three heated pools, an urban spa with affordable prices, open courts in neighborhoods and tracks with five sports complexes with spaces tennis , paddle tennis, football, basketball, handball, climbing wall, racquetball courts, running tracks, golf artificial grass ... also find ready places to enjoy outdoor sports circuits athletics, routes for mountain bikes with different difficulty, paths along the river and Mount Valonsadero, orienteering circuits in different parks of the capital, canoeing, paddle surfing, mountain climbing ...

Soria offers everything that you can look for, in a city and everything that can be found outside of a town. The size of the capital, the level of sporting activities and proximity to natural resources just a few minutes walk make this place a perfect destination to combine rest and activity.