Micological Days

Micological Days


Soria counts among its forests, pine and prairies with one of the largest varieties of mushroom and mushroom species in the Iberian Peninsula, undoubtedly an attractive claim for lovers of these resources and nature.

The Mycology has become a fundamental raw material of the Soriano gastronomy that celebrates each year in full season the Days of the Mycological Cover in which more than 50 establishments participate; Gastronomic event in which you can taste small delicatessen made with mushrooms and mushrooms: boletus edulis, trumpet of death, níscalo, cesarean amanita, mushroom thistle, among others, will bring the flavor and aroma to these authentic minimalist delicacies.

Mycological days are involved in other activities such as the Mercasetas, a free event open to all interested public, motivated or related to the mycological sector in which to find an exhibition of mushrooms, talks, workshops and a market of freshly harvested mushrooms . There are also environmental activities with outings to search for mushrooms to learn how to search, collect and distinguish these from the pine forests and meadows of the province of Soria.

At the Soria Gastronomic international biennial congress, the most distinguished professionals from different corners of Spain and from countries such as Japan, Peru, France, Italy or Portugal meet; Also in culinary demonstrations and round tables, the scientific community will expose the advances in the mycological field. As a complement to the sessions, other activities such as showcooking, tastings, exhibitions, exits to the forest or workshops are carried out, looking for the meeting point between professionals and assistants. It will have its headquarters in the Audiencia Palace, in the heart of the city.

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Turismo Soria - Tapa Micológica 2016Turismo Soria - Tapa Micológica 2016