Soria International Cross Country

Soria International Cross Country


The Soria International Cross Country is a test that has already completed 22 editions and is organized in the month of November by the Soriana Delegation of Athletics in an overwhelming natural landscape such as Mount Valonsadero, a meeting where nature and sport Are united in an exquisite symbiosis.

The appointment arose in its origins so that the young athletes of Soriano did not have to always leave to compete far from Soria and at least, in the month of November, they could compete at home without having to move.

And although since then the event has become a sporting spectacle of the highest level, being for years one of the five most important in the country, achieving even being on several occasions in the IAAF category and therefore, among the twelve best events of all The balloon in this specialty, the truth is that it has not lost its essence of promoting basic athletics, since each year there are hundreds of small ones that run through Valonsadero, many of them, of course, sorianos, who try to follow in the footsteps of Fermín Cacho and Abel Antón, two icons of the local sport thanks to the gold achieved in Barcelona 92 ​​by Agassian, or the two marathon championships of the athlete of Ojuel.

At the moment the event, which every year brings together a thousand athletes, is within the European circuit of cross, as well as the national and regional circuit, being a stop of the provincial school athletics Games. But all this was not enough, and that is why since 2013 there is also a popular category in which all athletes who want to compete in a circuit run by the best stars of the planet athletics can compete.

And is that Valonsadero has become a key stage in recent years for the making of the national cross country team that represents Spain in the different continental championships, which undoubtedly raises markedly the level of the test, As do the great local referents, such as the adamantino Daniel Mateo or the Navarra Olympic athlete based in Soria, Estela Navascués. In short, a broad list of riders who try to battle the African stars, among which there have also been the presence of world champions in some of the latest editions. In this all-natural circuit are undoubtedly the great dominators of the track record of the Ugandan level athletes Timothy Toroitich, the only man to have revalidated victory in Valonsadero, and the Kenyan Linet Masai, also with two wins in Soriano.

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