Cervantes Park

Cervantes Park


Everyone knows this park as “La Dehesa”. It can be said it is the actual green lung of the city and its botanic garden, authentic witness of plants  biodiversity where to know and watch autochthonous plants and some others of exotic origin. Not to forget, the great number of species the trees host: insects, reptiles and birds such as tits, magpies, sparrowhawks, calendras and larks, among others, apart from a pigeon colony and a lot of squirrels everyone having a walk will see.

It is bigger than 9ha. and given its location in the city centre it is one of the meeting points with a social role in the city. It hosts a great number of events and activities, like the Book Fair Expoetry or the National Duathlon Championship.

It is a place not to miss all year round. If it is autumn when you visit us, you will find in this park a carpet of leaves, so your will be accompanied by evoking sound of your steps. If it is winter, go see the fountains to check if ice has stopped the water flow. In spring, the rose garden will welcome you full of colours and fragrances. And if it is summer when come to this place, in the upper part a wide meadow known as “El Alto de la Dehesa” will invite you to sit on the grass and enjoy the good weather.



The Park can be divided into well differentiated areas: Promenades and gardens

amongst which we can find fountains like the “Fountain of the kid” that forms a beautiful set together with its pond; the delicate Rose garden, arranged symmetrically to the sides of a promenade and to the enormous meadow of the “Alto de la Dehesa”. Once having crossed the part of the fountains and getting to the upper part of the park we can find the garden centre, annex to the Teaching Room that collects the history of the park and counts with an exhibition room; very close, in one of the lateral promenades we can find the pigeon loft on a raised granary shape.

In the centre of the park you can visit the Hermitage of La Soledad, a simple construction with a single nace, pentagonal apse and small lateral chapels that host the Cristo del Humilladero.

Behind the Hermitage, the “Music Tree”, on whose stage flutes, clarinets and other wind instruments of the Local music band used to compete with the birds sound.
The park also has two recreational areas for children furnished with swings for children apart from a carousel located during the summer in the fountains area and two bars and restaurants.