Mount Valonsadero

Mount Valonsadero


Little further than 8 km from Soria we can find Mount Valonsadero, a public forest that gathers most of the values of the capital city and that offers cultural and natural resources, tradition, gastronomy and leisure spaces.

Its almost 2800 ha. with oak areas, pines, and fertile meadows for the cattle having as a limit on the North river Duero. Watched out by Pico Frentes peak and made of soft autumns, colourful springs and festivities of sun, wine and bulls, it has a fauna, botanic, cultural and geologycal richness that make of it and exceptional place. Its natural meadows are the main stage for some of the most representative acts of San Juan Festivity.

It is also used for an International Cross. There are different spaces for visitors are adapted for them to enjoy and hotels offer their services. But there an important element in the landscape, geology, several arenisca rocks, cave paintings, that date from between year 3000 and 2000 b.C. that were made by nomadic people.

There we can also find a lot of homologated paths that let you know many interesting and different parts of the forest as Casa de la Ciudad, Junta de los Ríos,  Puente del Canto and a manantial route among others