Other Parks

Other Parks


Smaller than the Alameda de Cervantes or the Castle, these other little green lungs dot the city and provide recreational areas and clean air. The new urbanism of the city has not neglected these areas and provides numerous green spaces between the buildings, which give higher quality of life for residents and visitors of Soria. Among all these spaces include:

Santa Clara Park: Located in the neighborhood of Calaverón and built within what was the site of the former convent and then headquarters in Santa Clara, this park offers a place protected by the perimeter walls and a stepped distribution, in order to save the uneven terrain. parterres with grass and trees with several areas with playgrounds and a sports court alternate.

La Arboleda Park: Located on the descent to the Duero River, known as Cuesta de la Dehesa Serena, this room many years ago that has this purpose, bearing witness of it the size of the trees. Careful stone fountain, several swings and abundant shade in summer are the main attractions.

Santa Barbara Park: In one of the expansion areas of the city, in the old Eras de Santa Barbara, is a park with the same name. Around green spaces built a bike path. There is an area, pipican, for recreation dogs visiting the park and the fountain and play area with swings center.
Parque de la Fuente del Rey: Located next to the previous one and has similar characteristics. A library summer reading facilitates people who visit it. Cross it different walks equipped with benches and there is a large playground, swings ....

La Barriada
Park: A small but busy garden next to the avenue of Valladolid, highlighting the uniqueness of its streetlights. It has benches, fountain, playground area ...
Miron Park: Next to the hermitage of Miron and along the promenade we find a care access green space with stunning views, sheltered from a recovered section of the medieval wall and poetic resonance. It is equipped with benches, area with swings, etc ...

Los Pajaritos Park: Built on the space soterró part of the railway, has large green areas, swings and playground.

Gabriel Cisneros Park: Located on the outskirts of Soria, at the end of Avenida de Valladolid, this park, known by sorianos as "Lake" for the one in the center of it is located. It is dedicated to the figure that once was delegated by Soria, Gabriel Cisneros, one of the seven parents of the current Spanish Constitution. In addition to a walk around the lake it has a large open area for play and encourages area equipped with swings, banks, etc ...

Forest Children: Leaving the capital at the entrance to the industrial park is another park in which the map of the province of Soria plasma and each year there are campaigns for children to plant trees.

Santa Clara Park is ideal to go with children or walking
The Fuente del Rey park, has several sports facilities very close