Paths of Valonsadero

Paths of Valonsadero

The Mount Valonsadero offers the possibility of hiking in the network of small trails through which you can discover the capricious geological forms, the vegas, oak and prairie forests of this unique space.

They are five itineraries of small route (PRs) all of them circular and signalized according to the international standard of signaling of trails.

 The Junta de los Ríos (PRCSO-57): The main attraction of the Route is the varied landscape, the fauna of Valonsadero and the variety of vegetation of banks and grasslands. It has a distance of 10.5 km and the areas through which it passes are the Castillejos and the House of the city in a path parallel to the Pedrajas river, the veil of Cubillo, a leafy valley dedicated to grazing, the Way of the Media Legua , The Paso de las Carretas, the medieval bridge of Canto and several shelters of cave paintings.

Los Castillejos: The interest of the route is centered in the geology of the landscape. It has a length of 4.7 km and crosses areas with coats of cave paintings, the Castillejos road, the Peña Gorda landscape, the Certos de los Castillejos with magnificent panoramas of the mountain, the Cañada de Valdecaballos with the formations of the Mesa de The Queen and the Rock of the Isaces and the river Pedrajas with its vegetation of riverside and fresh pastures.

The House of the City: In this route is crossed diverse architecture as the Bridge of the Song, of medieval origin and a traditional construction denominated "The House of the City". It has a length of 5.2 km and also offers landscapes of typical vegetation such as poplars, ash trees, willows, wild roses, majuelos and water lilies.
Raso de la Vega de Baturro: The numerous coats with schematic paintings of the Chalcolithic (3,000-2,000 BC) together with the thick forests and rocky formations constitute the main attraction of this 8.15 Km.

Small trail Valonsadero: The landscape that forms the Mount is defined by the geological formations and mark of the passage of the channels that passed through the mountain. It has a length of 19.6 km and offers places such as Peña del Sombrero, Peña de la Saca, the spot of the Espinado del Lazo, the pinewood of the Cubillejo, Rope of the Holly, the Paso de las Carretas, La media Legua , The Water of Buitrago, the Vega de Baturio, the Peña del Tormazo and the Cañada de la Barbarita.

The trails through Valonsadero offer the walker a great satisfaction
Route of the Rock Paintings in Valonsadero