Trails by the river Duero

Trails by the river Duero

The different stages of improvement of the margins and numerous actions have been providing infrastructures to the whole area of ​​the banks of the river becoming a place of recreation and leisure for the neighbors and visitors.

Among all the possibilities offered by the area, there is the alternative to travel two approved paths that pass through areas of high environmental and cultural value in the vicinity of the river Duero as it passes through Soria:

Route through the Sierra de Santa Ana (PR-SO 112):

The Sierra de Santa Ana is one of the most important natural sites in the capital.

The route of the route of 3.2 km runs parallel to the Duero river channel ascending to the mountain range by a path that ends at the peak of Santa Ana, at 1,268 m. Of altitude, from where you get an incomparable panoramic view of both the city and the mountains that delimit the province in its northern area: Urbión, Cebollera and Moncayo. Riparian forests, holm-oaks, rocky cuts, wild flora and fauna are emerging along this route.

Route of Valhondo (PR-SO 113):

The route of 6,2 km is developed by the right margin of the channel of the Duero river as it passes through the city.

During the walk you can observe the rich variety of ecosystems that gives the river while we find several examples of popular architecture such as wool laundries, the former water elevator now turned into a Water Museum, or the hermitage of San Saturio . It also offers several interesting bird watching areas such as the mouth of the Golmayo or the area of ​​Valhondo itself.

The itinerary ends in a natural viewpoint on the banks of the river where you can see its winding path.

In short, without having to use any means of transport, any visitor or neighbor of Soria can travel these itineraries without the need of a special physical preparation or knowledge of the land since there is signaling of all kinds (signs, beacons, posters, brochures) for Be able to carry out the journey without loss. In addition, there is additional information on different aspects that can be contemplated both in the panoramic table and in the interpretative lecterns.

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