Mount Valonsadero

Mount Valonsadero


A little more than 8 kilometers from the city of Soria, Mount Valonsadero is located, declared Natural Recreation Area in 2005. A publicly owned mountain with almost 2,800 hectares, synthesis of important values ​​for Soria capital, offering numerous cultural resources and natural, tradition, gastronomy and spaces for leisure all perfectly harmonized. Pico guarded by the fact Fronts and mild autumns, springs and colorful fiestas sun, wine and bulls, houses a rich fauna geological, botanical, cultural and make it an exceptional place. Its grasslands and natural glens are the setting for some of the most representative events of the festival of San Juan, such as Purchase Toro or Saca, or for the development of important International Cross of Soria. Many are conditioned spaces for recreation and infrastructure Hosteleras offering their services. But if there is an element that stands out in the landscape of the mountain, that's the geology, multiple sandstone rocks with gentle slope to the south and steep cut on the north side and coats with cave paintings, dating from the year 3,000 and 2,000 BC (Bronze Age Calcolítico-) and made by nomadic peoples.

We can also find a variety of approved Senderos, whose lines provide insight into many interesting and different areas of the mountain as the House of the City, the Board of Rivers, the Puente del Canto and a path of fountains and springs, among others .


Valonsadero is a very significant for the people of Soria capital and the short distance that separates the mountain of the city makes it one of the main entertainment and recreation place. Therefore, recreational facilities and public use areas upgraded in recent years by the administrations involved in the management of the mountain, have been responding to the growing demand for social and recreational use; in addition to pursuing the aim of promoting their cultural, historical and natural heritage as well as elaborate on the general knowledge of the mountain.

Like any good park, it has several recreation areas:

in the large open space located next to the visitor center, opposite the start of the rail bikes linking the mountain to the city of Soria, there are two areas with swings, one for younger and one with zip line and an attraction string for children older. This same area is equipped with picnic tables, benches .... Moreover, this natural space is spectacular to practice many leisure activities such as fishing, cycling, running, hiking, golf, abseiling, horse riding and so on.

also noted that there are facilities that provide catering and accommodation.